1. What is a virtual career event?

A virtual career event is a recruiting event held online. Meet recruiters and have a virtual interview. Access the event with your smartphone, tablet or computer, from anywhere you choose.

2. What do I need to attend the event?

To access event be sure to complete registration and log in during event ours. Webcam or microphone access is not mandatory, will be required if you choose to video or audio chat with a team member.

3. Is there a cost to attend this event?

There is no cost to use this platform or attend our virtual events.

4. Do I need a log-in?

Yes. A log-in and password will need to be created to enter the event prior to or at the time of the event.

5. Who will you get to engage with?

You’ll have direct access to our Recruiter and other Citadel Completions team members to answer any questions you may have.

6. How can you engage with a recruiter or Citadel Completions team member?

To chat with a Recruiter or team member once you have entered the event please use the Chat feature to connect directly during the live event hours.

7. What is the availability of the content and Recruiters/Team Members/ Recruiting Team on this engagement hub?

You will have availability to create and account/login and view all information, videos, and webinar replays on your own time.

The Recruiter and Team Members will post their Chat Availability to make it easy for you to connect with them.

8. I’ve encountered a technical issue on the Engagement Hub, who can I contact

For all Technical issues related to access and functionality of Engagement Hub, please contact Citadelcompletions@vfairs.com. This will connect you to a dedicated support representative.